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Couple Therapy Session

A Few Testimonials

From the bottom of my heart .....       Thank you!   J___ survived her first week of college.   I believe it was your coaching skills that made the difference.

And,   N___, is coming back to us slowly, but surely. 

Thank you so much for doing a hard to do job and being you!   Stephanie*,  just outside Pueblo County

"I love working with Kyndal.  It's natural and easy and very direct.  I love her appointments, but texting her is so easy.  Thank you, Kyndal, for everything."    Michelle P.*  Colorado


Life is really busy.  But great.  Since I have had EMDR therapy myself and my husband have seen a dramatic improvement in my daily demeanor. First, I wake up in the morning no longer having the weight from the previous day, week, or even month still on my shoulders. I felt like Atlas with the weight of the world on my shoulders. Second, I no longer feel like I am re-experiencing the trama when I talk about it. Or even if that particular subject is brought up. Third, as long as I keep up my journaling, stay hydrated, and exercise, I stay grounded.  I'm able to appreciate my beautiful family which has always been there for me. I am blessed to have these great people in my life. I wouldn't have gone this far without them. That's a long way. I am very grateful. Thank you, Greg.     Amanda*, Colorado.

Greg, you are the best! Really, if I could tell the world what a wonderful therapist and person you are, I would.  Thank you!  Thank you !  Thank you!      --TS*, Colorado

Fred* just now dropped by to see if we are still here. Our sign is gone and he felt sick that we weren’t in business any more: “You guys do a fantastic job. Just tremendous. You have a different approach. It’s counseling, but it’s different. You changed my life.”  Fred* came to us a few years ago and found the results he wanted and more!!!   He asked that we not use his name (you would recognize him), but he wanted us to get this on our site.

GI -- "We hope you and your family are in good health!  Thanks for everything - your help was life changing!"

"Thank you for helping Caroline* and me get through this year.  We couldn't have done it without you and we know we can always call if we need to."  SP*

“Feeling stuck and confused about what direction to take with my life, I sought out life coaching with Greg. His personable and engaging style provided me with accountability, motivation, and useful suggestions. This enabled me to identify my passions and incorporate them into a fulfilling life/work balance.”
Cathleen* of Colorado

Positive Reflections helped me to realize who I am and who I can become. They did just what their name states; they helped me reflect upon my life in a positive way. They are extremely understanding and all of my questions and fears were answered through their wisdom, patience, and teachings. They look upon life positively, and as a result, I have learned to look at life in the same light. They believe in second chances. And they are always there to lend an ear or hand when the road seems difficult. I am so thankful I’ve had them throughout this difficult time in my life. Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity to express my thanks and also for being my coach, friend, and support!
Melanie Perez*, Colorado

You have been a savior to me as a parent and to my daughter in countless times of crisis. I owe you her life and my sanity!
Mary Hestler*, Ohio

I’d spent thousands of dollars on my eating disorder recovery. The money I spent on your program was finally well worth it. As a male with an eating disorder, it is difficult to find effective treatment. Because your program was personalized to fit me, it worked. Thank you so much.
Thom Snyder*, Florida

You have saved our marriage. We were ready for divorce. Now, we are happier than ever. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank You!
Mark Martinez*, Colorado

It is amazing what you do for people. You have seriously and honestly saved my life. Your style is so different and unique. Thank you so much for everything that you have done to help me.
Jennifer White*, Massachusetts

My experience with Positive Reflections has been life changing! Words can’t describe what you have done for me. You have not only given me direction, but you’ve given me the tools I need and can actually use to achieve my goals, manage my stress, my eating and exercising habits, and continue on a path of being happy, healthy, and whole. You’ve given me hope for my future and are ALWAYS fun to talk to! I’m so thankful to work with them!!!! Mark Thompson*, Colorado

You 2 mean a lot to me, and I find myself thinking about my time at Positive Reflections as one of the most influential and inspiring times of my life. It has positively influenced so many of my endeavors since and directly informed my experience of how to process the world around me. Thanks again for everything!
Tim Crawford*, Texas

*denotes name change to protect confidentiality