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Helping Individuals,Couples, & Families
Couple Therapy Session


When you want help with:


constant worrying,

obsessing on worst - case scenarios,

not being good enough,

panic attacks,


not being able to relax,

feeling like you are all alone in the world,

avoiding places, activities, and people, 

and managing all the stress,

contact us for help.  

Anxiety is more prevalent than ever before.  

Stress, pressure, dead-lines, the drive to perfection, pressure - pressure- pressure.  

Let us help.  

Text or call for an appointment:  719-647-9930

So, here are 3 very popular ways to help when anxious:

1.  Visualize a peaceful place and use 3 or more of your 5 senses to experience your visualization.

2.  Listen to calming, relaxing music.

3.  Walk.  In nature.  Alone - no people, no phone (except as as an emergency), no pets.

Here's another very helpful thing to do:  contact us = 719-647-9930

You are not alone.  Text or call 719-647-9930