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Helping Individuals,Couples, & Families
Couple Therapy Session


Do you just want to be happy? .....  Even when things are not good?

Do you fly off the handle and then regret it later?

Would you like to NOT be on the verge of tears often?

Are you worrying too much?

Is nothing fun anymore?

Want to sleep better?

Do you feel like a grouch often?

Are your days and nights filled with dread?

Is worry all you do?

Are you isolating and avoiding people?


LET'S GET YOU HAPPY              

Depression and anxiety are not fun!       multicultural group of adults laughing

And you don't just automatically get un-depressed or un-anxious without seeking help sometimes.

Our counseling and coaching services are cutting-edge, top-shelf approaches to helping individuals get better ... and get happy.

Call/text for an appointment.  Let's tailor a plan specific to your life and get you happy asap.