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Depression Anxiety Stress

Less Talk.  More Action!

Do you just want to be happy? .....  Even when things are good?Man standing on rocks overlooking a beach at sunset

Do you fly off the handle and then regret it later?

Would you like to NOT be on the verge of tears so often?

Are you worrying too much?

Is nothing fun anymore?

Want to sleep better?

Do you often feel like a grouch?

Are your days and nights filled with dread?

Is worry all you do?

Are you isolating and avoiding people?

Do you find yourself over-thinking?

Are you constantly worrying?

Footprints on sandDo you obsess on worst - case scenarios?

Is not being good enough your frequent self talk?

Do you suffer with panic attacks?

Do people ask about your irritability?

Is it difficult to relax?

Do you feel like you are all alone in the world?

Do you avoid places, activities, and people?

Do you feel overwhelmed managing all the stress?

Is your self esteem low?

Depression, Anxiety, and being stressed out is more prevalent than ever before.  

Stress, pressure, dead-lines, the drive to perfection, pressure - pressure- pressure.  

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