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Helping Individuals,Couples, & Families
Couple Therapy Session

Group Coaching

How It Works

  • Meet for 6 straight weeks starting January 31
  • Fix your depression, anxiety, stress
  • Meet on the phone - you don't have to leave your home
  • No names are shared
  • It's all confidential
  • Learn strategies to combat symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Enjoy group support
  • Enjoy helping others with your support and successes
  • Learn skills
  • 6 weeks is typical treatment length
  • This is the toughest time of year



  1. Be happy.
  2. Have excitement for the future. 
  3. Have motivation to go on
  4. Alleviate your symptoms of depression and anxiety
  5. Manage stress successfully
  6. Love yourself again
  7. Stop the hurt, guilt, fear and be at peace
  8. You help other group members with their depression, anxiety, and stress