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Well, it’s finally spring.  It was winter just a few days ago.  We had a little hurricane a couple of weeks ago.

Sounds like life.  Variety, never know what’s coming, it always changes, just deal with it and go on.

Get through the tough times and enjoy the good times.

Play the cards we are dealt.  Sometimes we get a good hand and sometimes we don’t.

Here’s the lesson for me: just get through the tough times.

My father - a very wise man - said many times while he was on earth: “it always turns out just fine.”

I wish he were still here, but of all the things he told us, “it always turns out just fine” seems to be very appropriate right now.

I hope you can trust my father and his great wisdom when things get rough for you. “It always turns out just fine.”



Clip art of depression text
Why me?  Why now?
Aren't those our questions when bad things come our way?
When should we ask "why me?" or "why now?"
Probably never.
The only question that really matters is:  "How will I react to what has come my way?"
I hate pain. I love fun. Bad things mess up my fun, peace, happiness.
Truthfully, the only thing that matters is my reaction to what comes my way.
Concentration camps, prison, slavery, horrible health, bad boss, cheating spouse, etc.  It's all horrible and should never be minimized.
But what really matters is my reaction to it.
Will I blame myself or others?
Will I be bitter or mean?
Will I find friends or resources to help remedy the bad situation?
It's all about my reaction.
Sometimes appropriate reaction takes some time to achieve.
Healing first is never bad.
Reactions. That's all we can control.
May your reactions bring you admiration, pride, and happiness.


Silhouette of someone holding sunThe NBA All Star is arguably the most boring event on the planet.  Some may argue, but who cares?

How about watching a tv show you find is a waste of time?  What if someone disagrees with you?

Here's the point: do what you want, have fun, don't push others into loving it, and enjoy.

You may like Ford Pintos.  Good.  Just don't try to make me like them.

Simply enjoy what you want to enjoy.  If it's appropriate, have someone join you - someone that wants to, that is.

And ..... just be you.  

Have fun.

Enjoy life.

Build and enjoy relationships. 

Just be you.



flame of lit red candleIt can feel awful when Valentine's Day is celebrated and you have lost a loved one.

You can create a memorial and have your own version of Valentine's Day.

Draw a card for someone who has died. Or make a heart shaped seed and peanut butter treat to feed the birds.

Maybe you are missing someone due to a broken relationship or a family quarrel. Design a remembrance activity for these losses, too.

For instance, take cuttings from a Christmas cactus or African violet and start a plant with each leaf.

A loss can be an occasion to begin something new.



Clip art of 4 people holding handsThe NFL playoffs are fun.

Now it's almost Super Bowl time.

Why I love the playoffs is the pressure of either you win or you are done.  

I love the winners.

But I really want to point out here that there is kind of an art to losing.  

Something is missing in today's world. We all admire the champion - the sacrifice, hard work, diligence. 

How to be the loser is, though, quite an art.  

While most of us love to win, society sometimes shields us from loss.  

Losers who accept their loss, compliment the winner, begin an improvement plan, and exhaustingly work to attain the next win are not losers - they are winners.  

Complaining about the rules, the refs, the weather, etc. is easy.  There are no perfect conditions.  

Just accept your loss.  

Put together the plan to win next time.  

And get to work.  

Losing is a truly a skill. 

Because it leads to improving for the win next time.



A new year begins today.

Take a moment to remind yourself of the good things that happened last year.

Maybe someone joined your family or your circle of friends.

Perhaps your health improved or you discovered an exciting hobby.

What might happen during the year we are starting?

If you want something to improve (relationship, mood, unhealthy habit) what can you do as a first step?

A New Year’s resolution doesn’t have to be a long jump from here-I-am to here’s-where-I-want-to-be.

Think about change as taking a series of steps along a path, and make the first step.



It's December 21, 1st day of winter. 

This is both good and bad. 

It's the season of holiday cheer, time for family, and good cheer. 

And...it's time to get to the mountain and ski.

It's also the shortest day of the year, the season with potentially bad weather, and not being as healthy because you can't be as active.  

What's your perspective?

As a matter of fact, what is your perspective on everything? 

Your marriage, your job, your kids, your house, your place in life?  

Life is just perspective.  Hope yours is positive!


Man on dockPresident George H. W. Bush just passed away.  Losing a friend or loved one causes one to pause, to reflect, to self-examine.  

Are you living in a way that will allow people to say great things about you?

Are you preparing a great epitaph?

What matters in life is not your financial success.

What matters in life is your relationships.

Get your relationships in order. 

Give your all to those who are special.  Now.  Don't wait till it's too late. 

Let us help if you feel we can.