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Couple Therapy Session

Marriage Gone Bad

Marriage Gone Bad Strategy Session  

  • Do you want to leave, but you are trapped?
  • Does your spouse refuse to change or even listen?
  • Do you dread going home?
  • Did your spouse cheat?
  • Has trust disappeared?
  • Are you afraid the kids will never forgive you?
  • Will your parents disapprove if you leave?
  • Are you financially stuck?
  • Does your church speak against what you want?
  • Are you afraid of your significant other?
  • Do you fear losing your friends?
  • Do you want to avoid hurting your significant other?
  • Do you have no place to go?
  • Would you lose too much financial security if you left?
  • Are you wanting to make it work, but just don't know how?

Let's face it.  Marriages take work - and sometimes the work is just not worth it anymore.  Should you divorce or separate?  No.  At least not until you try everything.  This program is designed to help identify with clarity the problems and barriers in your marriage and design an improvement plan.  If fixing the problem is not what you want, then we can help you design a plan to help you get what you do want.     

In this meeting:


  • Meet for up to 45 minutes 
  • It is confidential – no one will ever know we talked
  • It is with a highly trained and very experienced Professional Coach or Counselor
  • Call for an appointment. (719-647-9930)

We will address:

  • your unhappiness,
  • what you do not like in your home,
  • what options you have,
  • what might motivate your spouse,
  • ways to overcome fear and make decisions,
  • what hurdles you face, and
  • how to proceed with the plan to live happily ever after.

Call now. Anonymously. 719-647-9930