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Positive Reflections on Personal Improvement

How To Become The Very Best At Everything.  I mean everything.











How can you become a better mother, father, husband or wife?                                              



How you can you earn more money?


How could you be a better friend?                                                                        


How could you do better the activities you enjoy doing?                                                 




Whatever role you play in life – for real or for fun – how could you do it better?

 Well, by doing this:


Become A Better Person.





That’s what Tiger Woods told the Mike and Mike in the Morning show on ESPN 2 several years ago when he was asked how he might be able to become a better golfer.  “I need to become a better person.”  

So, while there are lots of writings and other insights into what you could do to become a better person, and while there are some obvious answers known by everybody, we are releasing a book that takes a little different approach to answer the question.



"Positive Reflections on Personal Improvement"
  • It is filled with questionnaires and surveys on your personal success, self-esteem, and 31 different life areas.
  • It will help you decide where to begin your personal improvement plan.
  • It will show you how to improve your life, your relationships, your effectiveness.
  • It is packed with questions to help you be insightful, questionaires to help you see your tendencies, and tips for personal improvement.


It’s actually an ebook - and more of a workbook - and a perfect asset to looking at your new year’s resolutions.  It is very expensive and worth more than the asking price.  The questionaires and self tests are invaluable and worth lots more than just the price of the ebook/workbook.


Becoming a better person is where it actually all begins.  

When you begin the process of becoming a better person, you will automatically become better at every thing else you do and in every role you fill.   PR on PI 

Order here for only $37 (hurry this sells regularly for $97).  Enter $37 below.  You will receive the link within 24 hours.



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