Blended Splendid Family

Blended Splendid Family  Secrets

23 Big Questions:

  1. Are you having problems with this marriage?
  2. Are you having problems with either (both) ex’s?
  3. Are your kids unhappy?
  4. Are the household chores divided up unfairly?
  5. Are your finances ok?
  6. Do the in-laws not approve?
  7. Are friends not approving of your marriage?
  8. Do you ever regret getting into this marriage?
  9. Do you just need a family tune-up?
  10. Is the guilt for what you’ve done to your kids too much to handle?
  11. Are the step kids disrespectful?
  12. Do you wonder how committed your spouse is?
  13. Do you have enough time for everybody?
  14. Does it feel like you give more than you get?
  15. Do you want your children to call your spouse, “Mom” / “dad”?
  16. Are the rules for your kids different than the ones for your step kids?
  17. Do you contribute more money to the fam than your spouse does?
  18. Should you spend time alone with your children only? 
  19. Should you spend time with just your step children?
  20.  Do your kids need their own bedroom?
  21.  Do you contribute as much financially to the family as your spouse?
  22.  Does your spouse favor his/her own kids?
  23.  Are your step children disrespectful of you or your children?

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