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Do your kids


talk back to you

  • ignore you
  • hit or kick you
  • disobey you
  • refuse to follow the rules
  • get poor grades
  • refuse to do what you tell them to

Do you feel helpless, powerless, and even out of control?

Do you find yourself avoiding your kids, warning them repeatedly, giving in to them even when you know you shouldn’t?

Does it seem that the kids are running the show?

If you answered yes, you are not alone.

Let us help! Call or text 719-647-9930 for the “How Can I Ever Be Happy Again” 30 minute session. It’s free.

Here are 3 suggestions:

1. start with trying to discover why your child is like this. Go here to get a free download of possible reasons (or paste this in your browser:

2. think about this premise: you should get what you want before your child gets what he/she wants (after, of course, basic needs are met). If your child wants to play video games, allow this after his room is cleaned.

3. call or text us now. The free “How Can I Ever Be Happy Again” will help you 1) identify some reasons for the negative behaviors, 2) discover at least one strategy to fix the problem, and 3) leave this session knowing more confidently that you can actually be happy. Soon. Very soon.

Kids everywhere are treating their parents with disrespect and as a matter of fact, they also disrespect
their teachers, authority figures and anyone who is making rules and telling
them what to do.

Why not get your kids to be respectful, kind, polite, responsible? Why not fill your home with peace and real love. Stop the conflicts. Stop the angry and passive/aggressive behaviors. Stop the isolation and constant complaining.

Call or text now. 719-647-9930

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