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Couples Want Peace, Joy, Security, Love


Instead, they suffer from conflict, rejection, worry, fear, aloneness.

Referrals for couples counseling are high.  People are hurting.  And our program, Best Marriage Ever is the answer to these problems.


Are you happily married?  Do you two have passion?  Are you communicating like best friends?  Can you resolve conflicts so you both win?

There is no greater security and peace than knowing no matter what comes your way, the 2 of you will get through it. 

Here, answer these questions:

1.  Do you share deep personal information about yourself with your spouse/partner?


2.  Do you find yourself thinking about your spouse/partner during the day?

3.  Because of your commitment to your spouse/partner, would you let others come between you?

4.  Do you receive considerable emotional support from your spouse/partner?

5.  Is your relationship romantic?

6.  Do you expect the love from your spouse/partner to last for the rest of your life?

7.  Do you 2 communicate well?  No secrets?


8.  Could you imagine another person making you as happy as your spouse/partner does?


9.  Will you always feel a strong responsibility for your spouse/partner?


10. Can you really trust your spouse/partner?


What are your answers?  

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

 Couples can have the greatest of relationships or the worst. 

If you are not growing closer to each other each day, why not?

Being married to your best friend – that is ultimate peace, joy, security, and love. 

Please let us help if you are not the happiest person in the world.

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