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A study released a few weeks ago shows that people are attracted to extrinsic qualities initially, but long-lasting relationships are founded on intrinsic characteristics.  Hasn’t this been true for you, too? 


We all want someone who is physically attractive, has lots of money, and is well connected with power.  While these factors are important, current research indicates that staying power is based on intrinsic factors like kindness, generosity, loyalty, reliability, etc.


It’s the inner qualities that really do matter for relationship sustainability.  Isn’t that what actually attracts you to the people in your life?  It’s the intrinsic. 


Make sense?  It’s what’s inside that counts.  You can’t judge a book by its cover.  And now we find that committed relationships are longer lasting if there is a focus on both intrinsic and extrinsic qualities.  But, the greatest of these is the intrinsic.


That brings me to our book, “Positive Reflections on Personal Improvement”.  Don’t just focus on your weight, working out, making more money, and doing things that impress people.  Focus on what’s inside you, too.

(Info about the workbook, “Positive Reflections on Personal Improvement” can be found here:.

The whole person, not just appearance is what needs to be addressed when you consider personal improvement. 

Are you on match.com or some other dating site?  Don’t stop with just working on your appearance. Work on what’s inside, too.  What personality traits, habits, relationship skills, and emotional intelligence improvements should you consider improving? 

What’s frustrating is that the process of personal improvement never ends.  No one ever reaches perfection.

It’s the act of pursuing perfection that is actual perfection.  Please go here now and see if Positive Reflections on Personal Improvement could help you.

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