Getting Along

Getting Along With Missy by Janelle Sims



Why would someone want to purchase this book?     

Here's the honest answer: 

* f you have chronic pain, addictions, depression, anxiety, or      even adhd, this book will help.  
* If you want to laugh, this book is for you.
* If you want to cry, you cry when you read some of the things    in this book.  
* If you want inspired, what are you waiting for!

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A HUGE shout out to my dear friend, Janelle! Janelle has authored a wonderful book that is written about living with a chronic illness. The subject matter could also be applied to living with a disability or an addiction. The stories in her book contain entertaining and encouraging lessons on dealing with obstacles in life. Janelle shares how she manages to keep her sense of humor and maintain her identity by not letting her illness consume her. I am so excited for you Janelle! 💜

Janelle’s book is now available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle edition! My copy is already on the way! 🙃 If you would like to follow Janelle, check out her Facebook page, “Missy and Me”.  -- Lareen K.

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