Marital Problems Repair Kit


Forget all the "sharing feelings".  Forget all the "reflecting".  While these things are very important and very basic, what people want is to be understood.   And to get it done fast.  Who has time to dilly dally.  Nobody!   

Let's get things better at your home.  

Quickly, simply, and forever.


We believe in skills, space, and prioritizing.  

Are you wanting answers like How do you solve conflicts?  How do you work through the delicate issues?  How do you get heard?  How can you equalize the power?  How do you get on top of the addictions (or drinking)? 

Why people call us for help

How to settle conflicts.

How to work through the delicate issues.

How to get heard.

How to equalize the power.Answer these questions:Are you in a good marriage, but just are not exactly happy with your spouse?


Are you generally happy, but not completely satisfied with how things 

are at home? Do you and your spouse fight too much?

Does your spouse need to make changes but you are not sure how to make it happen?

Is your communication lacking?

Are the household chores not divided up unfairly?

Do you struggle with finances?

Do you 2 not agree on parenting the kids?

Have you tried to fix things, it works for a while, but it just doesn't stick?

Are you ready to leave, but want to try one more time?

Do you have problems but you don't want to divorce?

Would you like a separation, but are not sure?

Is your intimacy and affection not where you would like?

Is there infidelity?

Is there a trust issue?

Are you tired of all the negativity and complaining and fighting?

Do the in-laws cause problems?

Do you want to: 

African American couple arguing

  • Be happily married

  • Build trust

  • Fill it with passion

  • Communicate effectively

  • Resolve conflicts with the greatest of ease

  • Be best friends. 


Sometimes you just can't make a decision to stay or go.  The least you should do is try one more time to make it work. Then, if you decide to leave/divorce, you can at least say you tried everything.  

When you look for a marriage counselor, you find a lot of "professionals" offering their services.  Here's why you should contact us asap:  our program is a result of research of historical and current data and ideas, we have helped countless marriages, we have the professional training and personal experience.  Sometimes, when your marriage is in trouble,  the only option is separation/divorce. Even then, trying one more time - with us - can prevent guilt for not trying everything before you begin a divorce.

Learn about: 

  • 3-2-1’s

  • Reflection and Sending

  • 5 Minute Game

  • Touch-and-go

  • 4 Thresholds of Marriage

  • How Personal Baggage Can Be A Benefit 

There is nothing more precious than marriage. It is sanctuary from the stress of the world.  Or at least it could/should be. Is yours? Would you like to have the Ideal Marriage? Dream it. Build it. Love it!  

Stop the current crisis, resolve conflicts, communicate effectively, love totally, build trust, live the dream.  

Marriage Gone Bad? 

Marriage and Divorce Lane

  • Do you want to leave, but you are trapped?
  • Does your spouse refuse to change or even listen?
  • Do you dread going home?
  • Has trust disappeared?
  • Are you afraid the kids will never forgive you?
  • Will your parents disapprove if you leave?
  • Are you financially stuck?
  • Does your church speak against what you want?
  • Are you afraid of your significant other?
  • Do you fear losing your friends?
  • Do you want to avoid hurting your significant other?
  • Do you have no place to go?
  • Would you lose too much financial security if you left?
  • Do you want to try to make it work but aren't sure how?

Let's face it.  Marriages take work - and sometimes the work is just not worth it anymore.  

Should you divorce or separate?  No, at least not until you tried everything, first.

Are you looking for help? Text 719-647-9930 for more information!

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