Perfect Parent Blueprint

What is going on with your child? 

Whines,       does not listen,       talks back,     rolls eyes,     refuses to do chores,     poor quality work on chores, disrespectful,     poor grades,      misbehaves at school,     drugs,     alcohol,     lies,     steals,     defiant,   picks on siblings,     temper tantrums,     needs several warnings to complete tasks,     isolates,      won't do homework,     won't turn in homework,      bad attitude,     ignores you,     walks away when you are talking/directing,     disregards grounding,     has eating problems,     has sleep problems,     refuses to follow the rules,     refuses to comply with adult directives,        anger problems,     friends are bad influences,     won't follow curfew,     has no friends,     isolates in bedroom,     oppositional,     depression,     anxiety,     complains,   lacks motivation,     no friends,     addiction to screens,     identifies with the dark side,     disrespectful,     yells,     test anxiety,     strong-will,     messed up sleep schedule,     never home,     self-harms,     poor self esteem,     whines,     mocks adults .....

That list in not exhaustive, but it has most of what parents want changed.

Or does your child sound like this:

  • Wants to invite kids over but never gets around to scheduling it.
  • Hesitates to make after school plans and instead just follows what the other kids are doing.
  • Is still arranging materials in science lab while the other kids are halfway through the experiment.
  • Has a hard time starting a big assignment and focuses on the less important details first.
  • Frequently gets upset about small things like running out of his favorite snack at home.
  • Often thinks the teacher is being “unfair” when he’s told to do his work at home, even though the other kids finished theirs in class.
  • Has trouble finishing short-answer tests in the time allotted.
  • Loses track of time and is often still “in the middle of something.”
  • Hasn’t filled out any of the job applications that have been sitting on her desk for a month.
  • Tries to convince you to extend her curfew but can’t give any good reasons why.
  • Doesn’t know when she’s overstayed her welcome at a friend’s house.
  • Has trouble working in groups and complains the other kids aren’t working with her.
  • Finds it hard to incorporate feedback into work or an activity.
  • Tends to be impulsive and engages in risky behavior

Are you tired of feeling like a failure,

of feeling guilt all the time,

of feeling the fear of what could happen to your child?  

Do you find yourself not sleeping and on the verge of tears or even just feeling overwhelming anger sometimes?!!!

Do you want your child and your famliy to be loving, at peace, and always happy?  

Who doesn't!!!  

Contact us asap. 719-647-9930

We know from professional training, professional practice, and personal experience what we are doing.  

We are the experts.  We have helped kids and families for over 30 years in schools, treatment centers, private practice, mental health centers, psychiatric hospitals, and more importantly, in our own home - our own children.  

When your child is driving you nuts, here's the plan to remediate the problem:  

1)  determine why the behavior is going on and,  

2)  put into place a plan to get everybody in the family happy.


  • What would it be like to sleep all night without worry, to eliminate the embarrassment, the guilt, the dread to come home, the anger?!!!  
  • What would it be like to be able to enjoy a loving home filled with peace and happiness?!!!  
  • What would this do for you and for the rest of the family?!!!   

Want more info?  

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