VIP Program

Are you a Professional?  An Executive?

Marriage and Divorce LaneWant to fix your marriage fast?


This is the place. 

Here's how it works: 

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  1.  Schedule a 20 minute or so telephone triage appointment with a licensed therapist.  
  2.  Build a plan to fix your marriage.
  3.  No obligation.  Completely free appointment.  No tricks.  No cost.  No credit card.  
  4.  At the triage appointment, identify the problems, uncover any hidden issues, get an individualized plan to fix your marriage, and receive an estimate of the cost (usually between $1k and $4000)

 Please note:

  • This intensive program is not covered by insurance - it is self pay.  
  • The triage appointment is free.
  • This is not controlled by your insurance program, so we meet for a few hours at a time instead of weekly for several months.
  • This is worth exploring.  There is no risk and no cost in scheduling a triage appointment.  
  • In the triage appointment create a plan, with everything thoroughly explained, along with payment arrangements, and take action.
We were one of the first to ever offer intensives.  We know what we are doing.  And our clients prove the efficacy. 
"We did the triage appointment and then engaged the VIP program.  No way regular weekly therapy could accomplish so much so quickly.  We will probably have a checkup in a year, but we are set on enjoying our beautiful marriage forever.  And it wasn't easy getting here, but I am so relieved and glad we did."  Charles P.

Man carrying smiling womanNo question about it.  

Our VIP program is worth it.  

Especially if you are wanting help with any of these things:  

      - infidelity,

      - priorities,

      - conflict resolution,

      - work / family balance, etc.

"I did not think we could save our marriage of 20 years.  I didn't think I could ever forgive him.  This intensive program is unbelievable.  We not only saved our marriage but now have a plan to make it all permanent.  We are in love.  We now actually enjoy a true connection and we believe in us as a team.  And we know how to prevent future problems and how to solve anything that might come up."  Janet N.  

This is all done by telephone, or on our Hipaa-approved video conference platform, or even face to face appointments. 

Positive Reflections Intensive VIP Program  

Learn how to be married and truly happy.  And it all begins by scheduling your triage appointment.  Without paying a cent. 

 Schedule your free triage  appointment here


You want help with your marriage.  You want your help to be quick and thorough and permanent.  This VIP program is exactly what you are looking for.  It is not billable to insurance.  It is not cheap. And it is exactly what you are looking for if you want help quickly and permanently. 

If you want expert, experienced, licensed professional help, schedule the free triage appointment and see if the VIP program might fit you. Schedule here for free

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